ArcDPS Boon Table

This is pre-release and is missing many features. The features it has should work without issue.


Alt+Shift+B (overwrites Arc’s default boon table hotkey) or checkbox in the arc options

Right-click for options menu


  • use disabled color for on not-hover
  • show in/out of combat
  • add profession column
  • add optional profession colors
  • add scholar uptime
  • add seaweed salad uptime
  • make columns same order as
  • option to re-order columns
  • show which column is used for sorting currently
  • add line between subgroups when sorting by subgroup
  • add boon generation
  • add condi generation/uptime
  • add style options similar to Arc
  • add option to ‘Hide Zero Buffs’
  • look into self being 1st player in list
  • make the subgroups bake use a tuple for (subgroup number,<players in subgroup>)
  • Add signet uptime
  • does the subgroup hiding work well?
  • stances
  • guardian signet share


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  • February 1 2019
    • Add initial boon generation support
      • I’ve tested this a considerable amount myself, but please let me know of any oddities regarding generation. (Uptime is still as accurate as ever)
    • Fix showing old subsquads when in a party
    • Hide UI during loading screens/character select
  • January 8 2019
    • Fix crash when launching GW2 with the UI hidden
    • Rework when the ‘Total’ row shows
  • January 1 2019
    • Completely rewrite the table’s UI code
      • let me know of any issues and feedback
    • Fix keyboard input requiring the mechanics log to also be running
    • Fix subgroups not updating when a known player joins the 2nd time
    • Fix non-bar display being off by 2 decimal places
    • Change menus to mimic arcdps’s new style
  • December 25 2018
    • Add tracking for water spirit
    • Add initial support for pre-booning (mainly impacts fractals)
    • Code Cleanup
    • Fix a bug where some boon applications would have vastly negative duration
  • December 18 2018
    • Add additional checks for empty player data
  • December 13 2018
    • Fix boon uptime calculation potentially overflowing in extended combat
    • Add option to show uptime as a % instead of a progress bar
    • Make options menu work anywhere on the window
    • Make subgroup column only show if the subgroup section shows
    • Add additional checks for empty player data
    • Add support for boon extensions (requires new arcdps, not yet released)
  • November 29 2018
    • Add tracking for swiftness and resistance uptime
  • November 7 2018
    • Code cleanup
    • Don’t show if a player currently has a boon as per Terms of Service (oops)
      • Thanks to deltaconnected for pointing this out
  • October 9 2018
    • Simplify internal tracking code (breakage possible)
    • Make a players initial subgroup accurate
  • October 2 2018
    • Update for arcdps cbtevent changes
  • Sceptember 17 2018
    • Fix some issues on player removes
  • September 11 2018
    • Fix potential crash when leaving a squad
    • Fixed Total line showing after joining/leaving a squad
    • Add optional “Y”/”N” for if a player has a boon currently
    • Fix header column alignment
    • Add rt-click button to clear the table as a temporary fix for arc’s missing remove notifies
    • Update to match combat api changes
  • August 18 2018
    • Initial pre-release