Stopping development

I’m stopping development of my mechanics log and boon table plugins. In practice I haven’t touched the code in over a month, but the recent announcement of official build templates has lost whatever faith I had left in Arenanet. There have been content releases for GW2. There has been a drought – sure – but things like the new Icebrood Saga and Strike Mission are “content”. It’s just not content I enjoy playing. I am a raider. Raids in GW2 have been very slow to come out. Still, Wing 7 was a raid and it made the game better than not releasing anything at all.

Enter official build templates. This is a patch that Arenanet has been working on for a long time. By doing this, they force Delta to disable his templates. Yet, the official build templates cannot do as much as the unofficial one that Delta made. My ranger has 20+ templates (1 per boss + power/condi/wvw roaming/misc). Such a use case is simply not supported by the official solution.

The microtransactions are also really dumb to me. If they are trying to monetize the raid community, they should have said something about how they are working on a new raid, maybe? I would have been happier if on the same day they said “…and we’re working on wing 8 to be released later this year”, but they didn’t. They effectively want us to pay for something worse than what we already had for free with no promise of what that money is going towards.

Build templates were the 1st example for me where Arenanet spent a significant amount of resources making raids worse. That is why I drew the line at build templates.

I will still be raiding in Guild Wars 2, but not enough to maintain the plugins for any new content. The existing plugins will work as they do now as long as arcdps itself maintains the same combat api.

Major thanks to everyone who contributed to it’s development – whether it’s by asking questions, reporting bugs, requesting features, or even just using them.

If anyone is interested in continuing development or anything else, I posted the source code on github. Fair warning: This was my 1st C++ project ever and also my 1st time using Visual Studio. It is very possible I do something very stupid, so sorry in advance.